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About Us

The Expatriate Journey

Bengalis and Delhi go back a long way... The initial intrepid Bengalis who came and settled down in Delhi in search of better opportunities was way back in early 19th century or may be even before.

Initially it started with the traders from the east and gradually professionals like doctors, lawyers and administrators joined in. And when trains first connected Calcutta and Delhi in 1864 it brought even more Bengalis.

Cultural Impact

Delhi has been the hub of many a changes post-independence and a lot of it was managed, facilitated and supported with a sizeable number of officials who travelled out of Calcutta, to create a home away from home in Delhi. We did not have the mini-Kolkata and other Bengali centric localities at that era. Most of the Bengalis domiciled were centered around central Delhi in areas like Gole Market, Karol Bagh, Paharganj, Minto Road, Timarpur, PUSA etc which housed a large segment of Government quarters. Once the Bengalis found a new home in Delhi, came the social needs to quench their art, music, liteary and creative pursuits as these traits are imbibed in us and are our roots we connect with.

Colours Of Joy

A Bengali is considered a true Bengali with their love for Tagore, Cinema, theatre, books and this makes us Bengalis special. We all yearn for these wherever we go and Bengal Association has enabled all of that for us over the years.

We celebrate the existence of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in our lives through A Grand Kobi Pronam & A Baishe Srabon event. For theatre lovers we have Theatre festivals and Cine Utsav for movie buffs. We get the best of Bangla books round the year at Muktadhara Book shop.

We also thrive around several cultural events through Kabi Pranam, Boi Mela, Bijoya Sammelani and the recent initiative Baul Mela and many more...

All these activities have impacted positively towards involvement and participation of our youngsters in Youth Theatre Festival.

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