Muktadhara- Banga Sanskriti Bhawan
Banga Sanskriti Bhawan
18-19, Bhai Veer Singh Marg
Gole Market, New Delhi- 110001
Phone: +91 - 11 - 2334 4808
Telefax: +91 - 11- 2374 6315
E-mail :-
A joint venture of Bengal Association New Delhi and Government of West Bengal Facilities
  • Muktadhara Auditoriam- A modern 200 seated Air-conditioned Auditorium, Air-conditioned Stage, Green-rooms Projection facilities.

  • Conference Room- An Air-conditioned Fifty Seater Conference and Seminar Facility.

  • Art Gallery

  • Book Shop- Displaying and selling Bengali and other languages books/ magazines.
For details/ enquiry please contact Muktadhara office

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